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The function keys or F-keys on a computer keyboard, labeled F1 through F12 , are keys that have a special function defined by the operating system, or by a currently running program.

They may be combined with the Alt or Ctrl keys. On some smaller keyboards and laptop computers the F-keys may have a dedicated function such as changing the brightness of the screen, the volume, or other device-specific functions. On these keyboards, there is a separate Fn key that you can hold down to indicate that you want to use the key as a standard function key.

Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Mavericks Edition by David Pogue

For instance, on the MacBook Pro laptop computer, the F12 key's primary function is to increase the audio volume. If this key is pressed while the Fn key is held down, the key will register as F12, and trigger any software functions that are configured to use this key. If you would prefer not to press the Fn key to access your function keys, you can configure the keyboard to treat them as regular function keys in your Control Panel or System Settings. If your keyboard does not have a row of function keys, they are probably set up as secondary functions on other keys.

Look for alternate labels on your keys, or consult your computer's manual for more information.

Turn your Mac function keys into shortcuts to work faster

For example, F12 should do rendering. So how can I use Blender with a MacBook? You have two options; either hold down fn as L2G suggested, or switch to the F1 etc. If you do that, F1 will work as the actual F1 key.

The Dual Role of Function Keys

If you want to use it for controlling the brightness, you'd hit fn with it. You need to hold down the fn key lower-left corner while you're typing one of the F1 — F12 keys.

This is the norm for any app that uses F-keys, not just Blender. To expand on Robert's solution which in turn expands on houbysoft's solution , to get F11 and F12 to execute application-specific functions such as using F12 to open the developer tools in Chrome , you'll need to:. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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How to use F1-F12 keys with MacBook? Ask Question.

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Viewed k times. This can be setup in keyboard preferences here: If you do that, F1 will work as the actual F1 key. You just need to remove the shortcuts to Fuction keys from the Keyboard Shortcuts menu. Otherwise F12 is not rendering but dashboard.