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We recently saw Read It Later coming out with an amazing 2. AppZapper Icon View full size. This is why I used to love the first version of AppZapper: if I wanted to delete an app, I dragged the icon into the main window and AppZapper found all the related files.

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Dead simple. Many followers told me on Twitter to try AppTrap , a preference pane which runs in the background and asks you if you want to delete additional files every time you trash an application. I was an AppZapper die hard fan, and I knew all along it would get way better someday.

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And here we are today, with a completely refreshed app, with more features and a brand new, awesome user interface. AppZapper 2. Pretty much like AppZapper 1. But, and here comes the cool part, just take a look at the details: every file has its own 32px icon on the left side. The icons are crisp and pixel-perfect and they were designed together with the whole UI by the uber-talented designers Marcelo Marfil , Clemens Knieper , Jasper Hauser and David Lanham.

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  5. I interviewed both Marcelo and David a while ago here and here , be sure to read the interviews if you missed them. Totally awesome. You can decide to check off all the items and zap them move them to the trash or just Cancel and go back to the previous screen.

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    7. User Interface refinements aside, nothing changed here since the 1. AppZapper Mac View full size. Hit List accessible through a small button in the top right corner of the main window displays every app on a beautiful dark background, together with widgets, prefpanes and plugins you have on your Mac.


      Same applies for prefpanes and plugins located God knows where on my Mac HD. You can sort applications by size, last date used and name: as you drag over a menu a sexy black HUD-ish slider fades in allowing you to adjust the preferences and, say, increase the file size you wish to search for. Also, as you choose an app to delete, you can view the related files in the bottom part of the window, together with the option to reveal them in the Finder.


      Useful to get some knowledge about how Mac OS X stores applications files. Apps install support files that generate clutter. Introducing AppZapper. Simply drag one or more apps onto AppZapper. Then, watch as it finds the extra files and lets you delete them with one click.

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      Hit List is a brand new feature that allows you to visually browse all of the apps on your computer. Search, scroll, and filter your way through every app you have installed.

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      Simply select an app to see its related files, and hit 'Zap! We love how AppZapper takes care of all the apps you don't want.

      But what about the keepers? My Apps is a beautiful, new way of storing license and registration information for applications you've purchased, right inside AppZapper. Simply drag an app into My Apps to create a new card for it. Click the card to flip it over and enter all of your purchase details. You can freely organize and sort through your cards, and everything is saved in AppZapper — so it's there when you need it. If you ever collected trading cards as a kid, you'll be right at home here.

      Enter purchase email. We get several emails daily from people who don't receive their license. Add questions appzapper. Allow at least an hour to receive it. Can I get a previous verion since I haven't upgraded yet to Sierra.

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      AppZapper 2. I get a warning about Unidentified Developers. Is AppZapper safe?