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Among those five was an imam listed in the Fiche S , a list of individuals deemed potential security threats.

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Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner faced calls to resign, which he rejected. Castaner received calls for his resignation from numerous prominent politicians from the entire spectrum from the extreme left to the extreme right.

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Castaner had said in a press conference that the attacker had never shown any conspicuous behaviour. A day after this statement, when it became public that his coworkers had filed a complaint and that there was no investigation, Castaner said there were "malfunctions" that failed to prevent the attack. In American service, the missile was designated the AGM The missile entered service with the French Army in Production of the SS. The price of the SS.

Development of an improved version of the SS. The missile was intended as a heavy version of the SS.

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The missile entered service with the French army under the designation SS. It was used as the first helicopter-mounted anti-tank missile in the world on Alouette IIs. From , a "B" model of the missile was produced, which replaced some of the original electronics with solid state components. The transistorisation provided improved handling, which allowed the missile pilots to over-correct less. This was the version used for development of an infantry version, in which the operator carried three warheads and had a "waist belt fire-control," and three other men carried the missile minus its warhead.

One of the most unusual uses of the SS. The first combat use of the SS. The combat experiment proved extremely successful and became standard on other French Air Force MD s stationed in the Algerian war theater. From this early combat experience in Algeria with fixed wing aircraft firing the SS.


Army service, the SS. In September , 12 U. One month later, they fired AGMs in combat. In , the French Navy did an evaluation of the SS. Delivered in , these were the first naval vessels to be armed with the SS. Other navies soon followed Libya and bought the SS.

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Of the ten missiles fired, nine hit their targets and one was lost due to a command wire breaking. On launch, the SNPE rocket booster, with two outlets on the side of the missile body, burns for 1. Unlike the earlier SS. Since the missile spins slowly in flight by having the four swept wings slightly offset, a gyroscope is needed to determine the missile's relative orientation to the ground, that is, up, down and right, left. Unlike the earlier spoiler flight control, TVC is a far more precise method of controlling a missile in flight.

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  4. Due to the manual nature of the guidance, called MCLOS, where the operator had to first gain control of the missile and bring it into his line of sight with the target, engagements of targets at short range were poor, but beyond meters accuracy was good to excellent for a well trained operator. This guidance system drastically increases the SS. He was elected mayor of Algiers in but was soon dismissed from office. He campaigned unsuccessfully for election as a national deputy in as an antisemitic candidate. He lived the rest of his life in obscurity.

    During the later part of the 19th century the civil territories of Algeria, dominated by settlers, were officially part of France and had many of the same laws and political features as metropolitan France. Jews had lived in Algeria for centuries, including some who came from Spain in the late 15th century.

    The 35, Jews spoke Arabic but were oppressed by the 2. Antisemitism became a feature of politics after There were violent anti-Jewish incidents between and , and in During the s Algeria was affected by an economic depression. Further incidents began during in response to the Dreyfus affair. This scandal rousing antisemitic passions in metropolitan France and among the Pied-Noir French colonists in Algeria.

    His family was Italian in origin. He was ordered to military service with the 12th artillery regiment in Oran. After his discharge he returned to Algiers to continue his legal studies. He was "tall, handsome, strong and energetic", and charismatic. As a result of his activism he was suspended from university for two years. L'Anti-Juif had a print run of 20, copies, a large number for Algeria at this time. The Algiers Anti-Jewish League became important among the settlers.

    It organized petitions and demonstrations against Jews and government officials. The prefect of Algiers made mass arrests at the event, a mistake that Regis exploited to increase emotions. Protest meetings and student marches began on 18 January The Jews fought back, and there were injuries on both sides. When a Christian rioter was killed his funeral became a large antisemitic rally.

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    One Jew was beaten to death. There were more than injuries and more than demonstrators were arrested. Regis had his devotees rampage in nine towns in which two Jews and one other were killed, shops were burned and several synagogues were desecrated.

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    The government was slow to suppress the violence. After six days of mob violence in Algiers the Jewish quarter was wrecked. At the start of March Max Regis was among the speakers criticizing Jews and their "Dreyfusard servants" at a meeting of people in the Salle Wagram in Paris.

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    He was arrested on 21 March All 36 municipal councillors elected in Algiers in November were antisemitic. Looting of Jewish shops became frequent. The Algerian antisemitism was so powerful that Regis spoke of autonomy: "If the French refuse to liberate themselves from the Jews, the Algerian people will take its destiny into its own hands! Lutaud was appointed prefect of the city. Le Pic in a duel. The two men were slightly injured. The French government began to suppress antisemitic activities while accepting some of the demands of the more moderate autonomist settlers.

    Regis's youth groups were banned and their meeting places were closed. He spent his time either hiding in his "Villa Antijuive" or in Spain. The number of his endorsers decreased to a rump of autonomists from lower-class Spanish areas. The incident further discredited him and marked the end of the Jewish crisis in Algeria.

    Anti-Semitic politics in France began to dissolve into minor groups as the national elections approached. Apparently he became a hotel keeper. In he married in Beausoleil, Alpes-Maritimes.