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Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. A more convenient method would be to use Quicksilver and the QR plugin.

  • App QR Code.
  • Three handy Mac tools for working with QR Codes;
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  • Three handy Mac tools for working with QR Codes;

Here is a javascript I use to create a QR code for the currently open webpage:. If you create a bookmark with that script as the content, then you can use a bookmark to open the QR code. Name required.

QR Factory: Professional QR code creator for macOS

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How to Make a QR Code for Free

I'd set up some A-B testing to see which is better. Yet another option is to use http: There're already a couple of better QR Code generator services out there for this purpose. The majority is pretty expensive without too much options or buggy. I'd suggest a free QRcode Generator like http: Another option would be to use OmniQRCode.

It's a service that lets you use a single QR Code. When a smartphone scans the QR Code the service detects and redirects the smartphone to the relevant app market.

[Mac App Store] QRBeam, a QR code generator for Mac

It also groks variations like Android 1. Had well over 20, people use it already and is free.

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  4. Disclaimer my company made it! Also has a default page and statistic tracking with QR generation. It also allows potential downloaders to enter their email address if their platform isn't supported by your app yet, when you later add the app for that platform they will receive a notification it's been added. Maybe its a bit late, but I found those guys http: I've used it and it works - when you scan on a specific device, it directs you to their corresponding store, provided that you did put the link accurately and in the corresponding field.


    JaakL JaakL 2, 4 18 Hasandroid, you can add any text in QRCode. What would be the criteria to go to the Amazon market? In qrappdownload solution you can select just one destination for Android devices - always Market or Amazon, or something else from all the other alternative Android markets. Btw, what would be reason to have more options from end-user prospective?

    How to make your own iOS 11 compatible QR codes

    Berna Mr. Berna 9, 1 33 I know there can't be direct link, but it is possible with URL resolver proxy like given in updated question.

    Thank you! Here is the PHP code: Evil Closet Monkey 6, 11 46 I'm surprised that this isn't the accepted answer. This solution also makes it way easier to support additional platforms without having to change the QR code. McDonough Sep 19 '16 at Erik S Erik S 2 7.