Mad cj mac come and take a ride tekst

Ain't fuckin wit no hoes 'less they makin over six digits That's right Check it, that bitch is fine, finest made wine Uhuh Let me hit it from behind cos I'm down with Mack-Dime That's right, nigga That bitch gave me the sex what?

Don't y'all Hoo Bang? I make ya moan what?

Come Take A Ride

Bitch, look me in my eyes, you gettin fucked by Boo Kapone Dig that bitch out, Boo You better shake it what? One bitch said "Me, I'll hit my knees like a crawler Mack, I'll suck your dick, I just love a big baller" I whipped it out she said "Damn, it's like the neck on a giraffe God damn I'll spend a hour down south for you to nut in my mouth I'm a pro at sex, I ride a dick like a Honda Ha ha My name is Rhonda", well Rhonda, meet Anaconda Start suckin and slurpin and hummin when you do me "I'm a fan of yours, then will you do somethin to me No I love a thug nigga that a pack a few Glocks ha ha Mack, don't make me blow your socks and kick rocks" Bitch, what?

This goes out to all them niggas, that got the ups on these hoes And that willy, don't give a mad ass fuck about a bitch Tell em Techniec Listen up baby, yo I'm talkin to you you about what your fast ass need to be goin thru aha I see the ho in you you , it ain't hard to go in you And I be fo' sho' a fool if I invest some dough in you I gotta show to do so cut straight to the chase Got five minutes, get in it, nuts straight to ya face BLAOW!

Mad CJ Mac - Come and Take A Ride (Explicit)

In case you lost all your morals What? I know more hoes that specialise in oral Open up!

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I like that, sleep good on the flight back uhh , spread the word The first night back that's on the Beach Outta town I met a freak with chips, made a nigga bust like Keith God damn! Mo' head the better while I go head for the cheddar Uhuh, wassup?

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Man, I got a bitch bad as Shante Moore Fo' sho'? Poppa LQ Well ima keep the roller coaster down the strip on three wheel motion as we let the booty drag in the classic rag while the hundred spokes spin, we dizzy off gin The beat is past ten and our grills have grins Plus we got the females on the cellular tel And they tellin' me that it's on if we bring some drink and k-y jelly, housin' the scene, the usual routine, we got our self-esteem and we back up on things They used to shake me like shake and bake before my tape dropped And told me nigga please you work for rap-a-lot But now I'm big grippin' and flippin' the script So won't you buckle up your seatbelt and enjoy the trip Chorus x2 Come and take a ride so you can see how a G shake fiends in a 63 Slidin' down the shaw now watch em' C-saw down the shaw tryna ditch the law Come and take a ride come and feel the wind blow, the endo Slidin' down the shaw front and back side to side in my ride and mothafuck the law.

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Album True Game. Come and Take a Ride Lyrics [Verse 1: CJ Mac] It's a mighty fine day so I pulls out the trey Needs my shit cut so I call Dante Trims the gotee and gets the hair cleaned Hits the switch for a bitch then i sheen Squeeze my nigga Mad and my cousin OGP And hoodsta Poppa LQ cuz that's a nigga's crew so Slide like we always do Breaking laws down the 'Shaw like a hoodsta suppose to C-sawin', we ballin' Four pagers and a phone cuz we got some fleas callin' We're lookin far from rich So a loc spittin' nothin but game when I come up on a bitch Now I remember when these hoes used to look at G's funny Now they all up on low tryna be a g's honey Now ain't this a bitch We steady fuckin wit hoes and steady dippin' the strip [Chorus] Come and take a ride with the m.

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