Mac lipsticks for fair skin and dark hair

Since this lipstick has a pearlized finish, skip the frost or shimmer on other parts of your face. Keep the rest of your makeup clean and fresh-looking. A swipe of beige against most skin tone can look blah, drab, or even chalky if the hue is too pale. But this shade gets it so right. Velvet Teddy is deep enough to pop on all skin tones and has a hint of warmth, which makes lips look fresh and pretty, not flat and corpse-like. Plus, it has a creamy matte, attention-grabbing finish.

Matte nude lipsticks can call attention to flaky lips.

MAC Lipsticks for Different Skin Tones

Before applying, exfoliate and hydrate with a non-greasy balm. Olive skin tones have a lot of yellow, gold, and green undertones and looks radiant when paired with orange-y tones. Enter this ultimate coral red. The bold shade cancels out any sallowness in your skin instantly, a common complaint amongst those with olive complexions, and makes a statement in a creamy matte finish that can work for both day or night. Let this fiery shade be your main pop of color on your face. Skip the bright blush and pair it with a gold-flecked, terracotta bronzer. Finding the right red for dark skin is a challenge.

All too often what looks right in the packaging is not quite right on your lips. It usually comes down to undertones. The ideal red for a dark complexion is intense and deep with blue undertones that will standout against your skin. MAC Diva is one of those no-fail reds for dark skin tones. The creamy matte finish lends itself to a precise look. Use a matching lip liner to define lips before applying your color.

We love the way matte lipstick looks, but some formulas can be so dry and unforgiving on your lips. It was designed to replicate the blurred-out, soft focused lipstick trend seen on the runways.

Mull It Over is one of the best-sellers in the Powder Kiss line. To accentuate the blurred look, after applying, use a cotton swab or your finger to soften the edges of your pout. Our writers spent 2 hours researching the most popular MAC lipsticks on the market. Before making their final recommendations, they considered 20 different MAC lipsticks overall, screened options from 1 different brands and manufacturers, read over 10 user reviews both positive and negative and tested 7 of the MAC lipsticks themselves. Red always provides a bit of va-va-voom when applied correctly and in the ideal shade.

Every penny from this popular MAC lipstick shade is given to charity so you can look good and feel good on the inside and out. Hurry up to pick one of the best MAC lipsticks online at maccosmetics. Fresh Brew has a lightweight, pearlized finish that perfectly personifies a stunning nude MAC lipstick. The color is just enough to be noticed but not so bright as to seem horrifically unnatural.

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  7. 15 Of The Best MAC Lipsticks Out There!

Smooth application and buildable color are key to building a lustrous light to medium coverage look. Darker skinned consumers used to have a difficult time picking MAC lipstick shades, but the true key is depth. Lipsticks with a deep and visible color payoff will make a big difference against dark skin tones. Personal glamour and style will always include utilizing the right touches and the right shade of MAC lipstick can make all the difference in your day-to-day looks.

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Once you find that perfect shade that can carry you through the day and any outfit changes you have to make, you have essentially got it made. Here are 6 great contenders for the perfect shade of MAC lipsticks for dark skin tones. Orange undertones in MAC lipsticks look exceptionally good on dark skin.

The orange undertones work beautifully with the warmth of darker skin through the mix using the right amounts of brown and red for a deep and rich color payoff. The matte finish provides no shine but the color is deep and smooth enough to allow for a quick gloss overlay if you want a shine finish. Get this gorgeous color from maccosmetics. For darker skin, Beatrix offers the deepest red with a hint of copper as a beautiful, full-coverage matte MAC lipstick. The color has depth and beauty that other reds just cannot pull off.

The shade is rich and distinguishable on darker skin with a tint to it that accentuates the reddish tones. The softer nudes with the right amount of brown look great on darker skin. The color looks lighter on dark skin than on other skin tones, giving Spirit a bit of levity on darker skin.

The balance between the bright amplified orange, with its semi-lustrous finish and beautiful full, creamy coverage looks incredible against darker skin. The formula for the amplified MAC lipsticks is super creamy and smooth and will not dry out and flake during long wear. Retro matte finish and a bright orange tinted red are the key features of the MAC lipstick dubbed Dangerous. The red has an ideal level of orange pigment in the color base for a bright pop that looks brilliant against darker skin. A brighter red with a great color payoff will stand out, while the warmth of the color corresponds well with the undertones of dark skin.

Antique Velvet is one of the best selling MAC lipsticks for the rich, deep brown color and the smooth matte finish.

Do you think these are the best Mac lipsticks for fair skin? Let us know in the comments below!

The texture is as smooth, soft and rich as any velvety matte lipstick should be with long, moisturizing wear and incredible color deposit. The color is unmistakably flattering on dark skin and a beautiful addition that can work in any instance. Olive skin is the glorious neutral of skin tones that can make it easy to find a shade that looks nice, but a glamorously transformative shade can be a bit more difficult to find.

Pinks and mauves look good on olive skin, but reds can really add the wow factor that everyone wants from a good lipstick. These are six of the best MAC lipsticks for olive skin tones, some of which work nice on other skin tones, too. The color is pale but still slightly darker than the general natural color of lips.

Finish is important, and Hot Tahiti provides a decent color payoff in a sheer formula that sits comfortably on the lips with a light hint of pearl in it. The pearl in the finish provides a different type of shine that works beautifully well the reds and browns in the Hot Tahiti shade. Brave Red is one of the ubiquitous MAC lipstick shades that look amazing on several skin tones making it one of the best selling MAC lipsticks, but the effect on olive skin tones is the astounding in its own right and more than worthy of mention.

Depending on how you choose to do the rest of your makeup, this shade can work for everything from a casual day out to a stunning evening look. The cremesheen lipstick formula provides a semi-glossy finish on this yellow-toned and rich red color, and the coverage starts at medium and can easily build up.

Pinkish nude MAC lipsticks with just the right balance of brown and pink tones are incredibly flattering on olive skin with the satiny finish and buildable coverage. The application, thanks to the formula, is very smooth and does not get that unfortunate caked-on appearance when building up the color. Get yours from maccosmetics. Rebel provides buildable coverage that starts at medium opacity and builds up to a rich, full-on opaque mid-toned plum.

The Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

The finish is satiny rather than full gloss or matte, so it is perfectly between the two popular finishes. Lady Danger is the perfect opaque bright coral red MAC lipstick for golden toned olive skin. The texture is creamy, smooth and moisturizing so application is a breeze, and the color stays without fading throughout the day.

The best selling MAC lipstick collections are the following six that you will find below. There are several very popular shades in each one, which certainly helps the popularity of each collection. MAC has reached its level of domination throughout the makeup community by providing the MAC lipstick shades in the opacity, finishes, color payoff and formulas that they provide.

The most popular of these collections have outlasted a lot of competition simply because they provide the options people want to buy and keep around. With 15 different MAC lipstick colors that include nudes, deep plums and eye-catching, vibrant reds, the Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color collection is fantastic. If you want to try a lightweight formula that is really creamy and smooth on application, check out the long-lasting MAC lipstick colors in this collection.

It takes very little lipstick for full coverage, and the wear lasts all day. It has a tendency to be a bit drying, but it does not transfer off your lips and a bit of dryness is expected from a matte lipstick.

The Best Nude Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

MAC Matte Lipsticks are famous for lasting solid 7 hours without fading, even in the brightest colors. When new shades are added, they are usually added to this collection. Everything from subtle nudes to high fashion, runway MAC lipstick shades are in this constantly updated collection. The shades are flawless and use the same formula for the Retro Matte line.

As long as you exfoliate and moisturize your lips first, you are good to go for all-day wear of highly pigmented color throughout your day.