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Do you need assistance with writing your research paper? This guide contains links to information resources related to Calculus, including indexes and databases that can be used to find publications, reference works, data resources, style guides, and pages linking to resources on specific topics in Calculus. We hope you find it helpful for all your research needs in the study of Calculus.

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The following links will take you to books, videos and other library materials available from the library on that topic:. Differential Equations. Additional Ejournals 15 ejournals on Calculus. Search this Guide Search. This guide is designed to help FSCJ students do research for their Calculus 1 class and to help students and faculty find calculus open educational resources in the library and on the Internet. What is Calculus? Find Articles - Find articles about calculus. Log in Required Helpful Login Videos. Jason is a great guy. Tries to be funny in lecture and does a good job teaching.

Depending on your TA the class can go well or terribly.

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The quizzes will always get you. Chances are, if you're in Survey of Calc 1, you will want to get Study Edge. Doing the homeworks and Study Edge for every exam should get a pretty solid grade. In the beginning, I didn't really care for Harrington, but as the semester went on I grew to like him.

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His exams aren't difficult, and if you go to office hours its very helpful. If you take the practice exams and do the reviews he posts online, you will definitely make an A, I was able to make high A's on all exams, and didn't use study edge. Always available in office hours! Im not very good at math but if you practice and get help its very doable. Great professor!

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Doing very well in the class without Study Edge. Do the practice exams before each exam, helps so much! He is a great teacher, tries to make class enjoyable. Can get an A with use of Study Edge. This class was next to impossible for me. Unless I had study edge I would literally never have passed. Clicker questions for participation grade every class. There are about three homework assignments and one quiz every week.

I used study edge and his practice tests to study. If you do really well on the multiple choice and okay on the free response you can still get a very good grade on exams. Lots of extra credit too! MAC is a hard class, and I did poorly on my first exam. But then I ended up going to study edge. Because of study edge I was able to ace the rest of my exams with their clearer and more interesting teaching approach, and multiple practice problems. Harrington is a nice guy, but Study Edge is a must to get an A in this class. Harrington is a good lecturer who really seems to know what he's talking about.

It is true that the homework does not always match with the tests, but that is really not his fault - the school's purchased programs just aren't the best for this class. His lectures are often attention keeping, and there is a quiz in discussion section every week. Ads can be annoying, but they allow us to provide you this resource for free.

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This course covers separation of variables, Fourier Series, Sturm-Liouville problems, multidimensional initial boundary value problems, nonhomogeneous problems, Bessel functions, and Legendre polynomials. This course covers solution of first-order quasi-linear partial differential equations, classification and reduction to normal form of linear second-order equations, Green's function, infinite domain problems, the wave equation, radiation condition, spherical harmonics.

Mathematical Modeling in Biology 3. Recommended prerequisite: MAP This course is an introduction to the use of mathematical models in biology. Linear and nonlinear difference and ordinary differential equations, linear stability analysis, phase plane analysis. Applications may include population biology, infectious diseases, chemical kinetics, and physiology.


MAP r. Topics in Applied Mathematics 1—3.


MAS Applied Linear Algebra I 4. This course covers Gaussian elimination, vector spaces, least squares problems, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, linear transformations, applications. Introduction to Modern Algebra 3. This course covers groups, permutations and symmetries, rings, integral domains, properties of the integers, fields and rational numbers.

Applied Linear Algebra II 3. This course covers positive definite matrices, matrix computation, linear programming and game theory. Theory of Numbers 3. This course covers the Euclidean algorithm; congruencies, quadratic residues, the law of quadratic reciprocity, and an elementary discussion of arithmetic functions and distribution of primes.

Introduction to Abstract Algebra I 3. This course covers groups, permutation groups, subgroups, group homomorphisms, structure of groups, rings, ideals, ring homomorphisms, rings of quotients, polynomials, factorization, fields, field extensions. Introduction to Abstract Algebra II 3. Prerequisite: MAS This course is a continuation of MAS MAS r.

Topics in Algebra 1—3. MAT Functions and Modeling 3. This course includes group and individual activities designed to strengthen knowledge of, and connections among, topics in secondary and college mathematics.

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Problem-solving; gathering and analyzing data; and modeling using linear, polynomial, and trigonometric functions, and parametric and polar equations are also explored. Students discuss and present work in class, and make use of various technologies. MAT r. Special Topics in Mathematics 1—3. May be repeated within the same term to a maximum of twelve semester hours. Directed Individual Study 1—4. May be repeated within the same term to a maximum of thirty semester hours. Honors Work 3.

May be repeated to a maximum of nine semester hours. Undergraduate Professional Internship 1—3. This course is a supervised internship individually assigned to accommodate the student's professional development in an area of application e. May be repeated to a maximum of three semester hours.