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Based on Arch, Manjaro attempts to provide the many benefits that have earned Arch its reputation in a user-friendly package. It does this by building upon the powerful Arch Linux core, with access to the Arch User Repository, and the same rolling release development model. This is particularly useful to Mac users, where support for drivers can be hard to come by. There are four official flavors of Manjaro using three separate desktop environments: You can also download Community Editions, including one that uses Chrome-like window manager Budgie.

Got a crusty old MacBook?

Is your Mac even crustier than that? Those of you still rocking PowerPC hardware can inject new life with the right distribution.

Lubuntu is a solid choice. Here we look at three options: In place of the usual Ubuntu fare are a suite of similarly lightweight applications with very low hardware requirements. If you want to turn your ageing old Mac into something useful like a word processor, file server, or simple web browser for office use, give Lubuntu a whirl. Compatibility with Ubuntu software and hardware optimizations make it a great choice for newbies too.

Here's all you need for Linux music production! Read More , graphic design and photography, videography, or publishing. While you could track down and install all of these tools on virtually any version of Linux, Ubuntu Studio includes them out of the box. Here are some awesome free tutorials.

MAC OS Linux Mojave V1 Want = Like

Read More , and graphics tablet-ready painting tool MyPaint. Simple video editor Openshot is also included, alongside video powerhouse FFMPEG for converting, decoding, encoding, muxing, and playing virtually every video format under the sun.

Meet The Linux Desktop That's More Beautiful Than Windows 10 And MacOS

AVLinux is aimed at multimedia content producers looking to edit video or create music on their Linux systems. Unlike Ubuntu Studio, AVLinux is based on Debian and ships with a customized kernel designed with low latency audio production in mind. The idea is to squeeze as much performance out of your computer as possible, which is why developers opted for a modified lightweight Xfce desktop environment. This is one distribution that sacrifices everything in the name of reducing the strain placed on your computer from simply running the OS. These include Ardour for creating music, Audacity for simple audio editing, Guitarix for guitar amplifier simulation, and open source drum machine Hydrogen.

Interestingly, legendary audio console manufacturer Harrison of Nashville, Tennessee recommends AVLinux for use with their Mixbus digital audio workstation. Installing Linux on your Mac is a lot easier than it once was, since you no longer have to open up Terminal and create your installation medium using command line prompts.

Elementary OS Luna: The Linux Distro That Works Like Mac OS

This wonderful piece of open source software allows you to create a bootable USB drive with your choice of Linux distribution on it in around three clicks. Most live distributions include installation wizards either in the bootloader or the OS itself to install Linux permanently. Mac vs. Linux fight is irrelevant now. Let's try something new, eh? If your Mac has enough power, you could run some of them just fine under VirtualBox on top of your existing macOS setup if you want!

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Elementary OS Luna: The Linux Distro That Works Like Mac OS - Hongkiat

I've installed Ubuntu on a Late 15" Retina. This feature is not enabled by default, but can be, in the Desktop section within the System Settings application. It looks great, is smooth and responsive, and manages to be minimal without being too bare bones. Elementary OS Luna comes with only the most basic applications pre-installed.

Elementary OS Luna also comes with the requisite software center, system settings Switchboard and file manager Pantheon Files applications. This might seem overly minimal, but it keeps to the design ethos: Users with more specific needs will have to turn to the Software Center.

Linux distributions that are inspired by MacOS

Pantheon Files, like most apps developed by the team for Elementary OS Luna, trades customizability and in-depth settings for a clean user experience. You also have contextual options such as Compress , Print and Send files via Bluetooth in the same right-click menu. These options sit alongside the usual commands for moving and deleting files. The side panel can also be disabled if you wish. However, you can get access to these options and more by installing Elementary Tweaks. Elementary Tweaks is a plugin for Elementary OS Luna, accessible through Switchboard, that will give you the ability to tweak a number of system and appearance settings , so that you can get your Elementary OS Luna install to be exactly how you want it.

Some of the things you can do with Elementary Tweaks are:. Elementary OS Luna succeeds at providing something that other Linux distros often struggle with: Problems arise when you download applications from the Software Center. While they work perfectly fine, these applications were not programmed with Elementary OS in mind.