How to set a homepage on a mac using firefox

Click this to see more advanced options. Now go back to the Settings again and scroll down to the bottom.

Change Homepage in Firefox

Click Reset settings button. Close the Chrome web browser and re-open the web browser. Check if you can change the homepage of the web browser and any other settings. We are going to reset Safari web browser. Close your web browser and open again.

How Do I Make Google My Homepage on Firefox? [Solved]

Check if you are able to change the homepage and other settings. Open Firefox web browser.

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Now close the Firefox web browser and open it again. Try to change homepage and other settings. If you are able to change settings of the web browser, the hijacker virus successfully has been removed.

Can’t change my homepage in Chrome, Safari, Firefox!

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Go to the search engine website you want to make your default e. Click the button View Advanced Settings. Once the Advanced Settings menu opens, scroll down to the Privacy and services section. Click the Change search engine button below where it says Search in the address bar with.

Change the Homepage to a specific page

Then, all discovered search engines will show up. Scroll down to the one you want to make your default, then click Set as default. On the Mac, you first have to make Safari the active window and then click on Safari — Preferences from the main nav bar the top of the screen.

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  • This will bring up the preferences dialog on the General tab. So how in the world can you have multiple home pages with Safari? Basically, you have to click on the dropdown next to New windows open with and select Choose tabs folder. A popup window will appear and you can select any folder that you have stored in your bookmarks. Select the folder on the left hand side and then click the Choose button.

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    • How to set your browser's homepage on a Mac, with instructions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox!
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    • Now when you open the browser, the new tabs should appear on startup. So the main thing with Safari is creating a bookmark folder, which you can do by clicking on the sidebar button and then clicking Edit at the bottom.

      Change Default Search Engine in Google Chrome

      Make sure the left icon with the book is selected when the sidebar opens. You can now click the New Folder button at the bottom and then simply drag and drop links into that folder. You may first have to visit the actual website and add it to your bookmarks in order for it to show up in the list. If you have any questions or use a different browser, let us know in the comments.

      How to Change Home page on Mozilla Firefox 2015