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Adobe Creative Cloud Sign-In Required Endless Loop (FIXED ON MAC! SEE DESCRIPTION!)

A backup solution is strongly advised. Creative Cloud CC is supported from V Creative Cloud If an operating system is not listed in the tables below, it is not supported. An NTFS volume is required. But take into account the need for storage of temporary and production data. The bit release of Creative Cloud is supported.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan

The bit release of Creative Cloud is not supported. Software downloads: mysoftware. System Requirements. Pages Blog. Child pages. System Requirements Home. Browse pages. A t tachments 0 Page History. Dashboard System Requirements Home.

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Then you can pay monthly for both, Adobe CC and Windows. I use now Capture One on Windows 8. And switched for most time to linux mint, darktable and digikam. That js an optional service for Enterprise customers, not non-enterprise customers, not small businesses or personal users. It is still a project.

But target are customers with 99 or fewer devices. Not the big companies. And companies already have been pushing the DaaS approach.

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Dell offers a number of PC-as-a-service options. Main components for the DaaS framework are a "modern" commercial device, meaning a device running Microsoft ; cloud management of that device; and "modern" billing, meaning perpetually renewable leasing, bundled together into a single, per-user monthly bill. Once this approach is accepted by small businesses users the next logical step is to go the personal users.

Affinity is a good alternative, but their refusal to fix some glaring UI-design defects has sadly hobbled their products. IMO, Adobe is a bad company that deserves no support. How about a good comprehensive article on PS and LR alternatives? Transition is not exactly smooth, but can be done. Many of us here like to come back and read the posts of how it was for us, before we ditched Adobe. Funny, I just updated my MacBook Pro to the latest operating system, a move I've been dreading for years.

macOS Catalina: Will Adobe software work? | conrad chavez | blog

Of course its fine and probably runs a bit smoother. But still, its a pain to have to update when you don't want to. This is coming from the professional graphic designer who still runs CS I can upgrade to High Sierra with my late iMac, and I have a few times now with the most recent being a few days ago and I have always gone back to Sierra. With Trim enabled my iMac takes twice as long to boot compared to it being off, for example.

With Sierra it works just fine. No more having to deal with upgrades and updates after that. Most of that generation has by now, thanks to a known defect.

Do not upgrade until everything you use is ready

One way of bypassing the issue that you see about not being able to install any system is to Carbon Copy Clone a working system onto the target device. And other open source apps. Also this is not "Freeware" and the method of massive shared coding is not in question. If you make yourself stick to the STABLE versions free auto upgrades as they happen a lot then they tend to be rock solid and that matters.

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It;s always best to use them on top of an open OS foundation; but many open apps are also for Windows and Macs. Android etc It's easiest to just install Linux Mint as that also can be used for example on a spare separate drive while NOT deleting anything you also use. All free.

Adobe InDesign

Linux Mint is the gateway to all the free and open coded software and it's super easy for technical folks. Where if you're anti-technical just ask a friend. Once installed is easiest for everyone. If you're new then flip back and forth for a good while until get used to it.

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In about a year you won't much like anything but Linux Mint "Mate" type recommended 32 or 64bit. Get your match. Plus you can move the top panel bar down and make one like you want. While acclimating. Acclimate to Mate. Mate scales better across various old to new systems. Use your best hardware not your worst. It's pointless to argue for something that is ultimately dependent on needs and preferences, despite the truth that an app like Photoshop has no feature for feature competition in the market.

The latter part of that sentence is what my comment was based on. The general consensus is also clear or the commercial app companies would have gone out of business a long time ago. Because you say so, right.

There's no reality to your opinion. Conversely the best things in life are free. Also; as I said it's just just free and free ongoing; which is a big deal. It's paid for by a huge amount of collaboration; some of which is very big company support. Yet all free to you. Like a gift is free; but can be very, very high quality.

One can tack all this stuff on in one fell swoop by simply installing Linux mint best start. What self respecting person with any interest in photography wouldn't try it? But you naysayers need not bother. I bet you consider yourself non-assumptive, prejudiced, self-centered and willing to try new things too, right? I'm not a fan of the company but only an ignorant person would deny the fact that there is no reasonable market equivalent to Photoshop.

If you are asking me, then the answer would be no. Some of us are concerned about more than just Photoshop and Lightroom. In addition to photography I do graphic and web design, and for that I need to use other applications in the Adobe Creative Cloud such as Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and InDesign. There's nothing else out there that compares to those programs, particularly when they're used together due to the tight coordination between the various applications.